Skimboarding Tips

Too much Wind?

There will always be wind at the beach but sometimes the wind really picks up and becomes a nuisance. A great little way of keeping your board from getting blown away is simply kick some sand on the bottom of it (your board should be a little wet first). The sand makes the board much heavier and will prevent the wind from really taking it away. The extra sand won’t make the board slower since it will immediately come off when the board hits the water.

How to reach those far out Waves

We’re not entirely sure of the science behind this one, but we’ve found that turning your whole body once you hit the deeper water so that you’re facing completely forward you will be able to coast for a longer period. It’s called Side-Slipping. It’s an advanced technique that takes a while to master, but will certainly pay out. As soon as you reach the wave, you can turn back to your normal stance (one foot forward, one foot back) and ride the wave out.

Need more Speed?

Hydrophobic materials (a technical term for materials that make water bead up) can make your board faster if you put them on the bottom of your board. Rain-X (a type of windshield washing fluid) is one of those materials, and can be bought at Wal-Mart. Or you can wax the bottom of your board!

Finding Wax that Works

There are traction pads and there is wax. It’s recommended to use both, to what extent you use them is up to you. But finding the best wax for your riding conditions is important. There is wax for warm water (harder & less sticky) and wax for cold water (softer and stickier) and then there’s my favorite, glow in the dark wax. The cold water wax may keep you on your board better but it doesn’t stay on as long.