How To Remove / Reattach Skimboard Traction Pads

Getting Traction Pads and Wax off

Traction pads can be tricky to get off because they’re so darn sticky. So in order to remove the glue we will need to use some chemicals you can buy from your local Wal-Mart. Goof Off is a good glue remover, so spray some of that on the traction pad glue and let it work its magic. You will also need a razor to help it along. This will also work with getting the wax off, or you just let the wax bake under the sun and once it’s nice and soft, scrape it right off with some rags.

Traction pad fell off?

Sometimes traction pads fall off, and it's a big bummer considering the price of them. But not to worry! Putting them back on is quick, easy, and pretty cheap. The only thing that holds these pads on is glue, so all we really need is more glue. Super glue works really well for this, but before you glue them back on, make sure you clean the board. Also, this is more of a permanent fix as super glue dries very hard and will likely be impossible to take off.

For those who don't want the traction pads to stay on permanently, it may just be better to purchase some new Traction Pads.