FAQ (Frequently Asked Skimboard Questions)

What is the best skimboard for me?

It depends, it’s sort of like asking what is the best art, political group, or religion. Depending on your experience, riding style, weight, geography, height, and attitude we could give you a whole lot of answers! So we’ve created some resources to help you along. Here is a list to help you along.

Choosing a Size

How Fiberglass affects your Skimboard

How Resin affects your Skimboard

Different Board Designs

Which skimboard will get me out the furthest?

Getting out far in the water depends on your weight, speed, size of your board, and how close in the wave is breaking. A bigger board means more weight which makes it harder to run, a small board means you’ll run faster but will sink quicker. Therefore you will need a skimboard that is big and light, this means you’ll probably want a carbon fiber board.

How do I install traction pads?

It’s a little unnerving knowing that if you put the $70 traction you just bought down at the wrong angle, you’re going to have a real hard time getting it off (if you can!). So come take a look at our tutorial on how to install skimboard traction pads.

What type of traction pads should I use?

Traction pads are generally pretty similar, it’s the set ups that differ the most. Some traction pads can be smaller than others, and some are able to be split apart so you can customize the set up the way you’d like.

Should I wax if I use traction pads?

Yes! Using wax in addition to your traction pads is very helpful. Sometimes when you’re tearing it up your foot may slide off the pad and onto the board. If there is no wax near the front pad especially, your foot may come all the way off the skimboard. So putting wax near the arch bar in the front is optimal.

My traction pads fell off, how do I reattach it?

It’s frightening when this first happens, but luckily it’s relatively cheap and easy to fix. Have a look at our resource on how to re-attach a skimboard traction pad.

How to fix my damaged skimboard?

Small cracks in the fiberglass are called dings and should be patched up sooner than later. These things happen often so we made a guide on how to fix a skimboard ding.

Whats the difference between E-Glass, S-Glass, Texillium, and Carbon Fiber?

What’s the difference between polyester, vinylester, and epoxy?

These resins are used based on the type of fiberglass the skimboard is made of and the different properties the manufacturer is trying to get. We made a resource to help figure out what are the differences in resins.

Does Outdoor Board Sports work on and/or repair skimboards?

Currently we do not perform repairs or maintenance on any skimboards.

Does Outdoor Board Sports install traction pads on skimboards?

We do! We currently only install them on Zap skimboards, so if you’re buying one just ask!