FAQs – Bodyboarding

What size boogieboard do I need?

The size of your boogieboard depends on your height, weight, and experience. Generally the board should go right up to your belly button. For more guidance, please refer to our Bodyboard Size Chart to help guide you.

Does the bodyboard width affect performance?

The width affects performance to a small degree, you want a bodyboard that is widest at the middle of the board. This is because when you lie down on the board, the board will turn from under your elbows and lining your elbows up with the widest part of the board allows you to turn more effectively. This allows you make quick turns just in case you need to avoid hitting a seagull or jellyfish in the water.

Is there rocker on bodyboards?

Yes, most boards have rocker on them. What is rocker? It’s the nose being angled upward slightly to avoid diving in the water. You want rocker if you’re going to be on big waves, otherwise it isn’t all that necessary, but still nice to have.

Does my bodyboard need channels?

It depends how big the waves are. Channels are long dips on the bottom of the board, which direct water to flow through them while you’re speeding down a wave. They are very helpful with controlling the direction of your board on big waves. However, too deep a channel will slow you down AND channels won’t do anything if you’re not going all that fast. So for small waves, they aren’t really needed.

How do I Attach a Leash on my Bodyboard?

It doesn’t feel right to stab a hole in your brand new expensive bodyboard, but well that’s kind of what you have to do. Lucky for you, we’ve made a great tutorial on how you can Install a Leash on your Bodyboard