Essential bodyboard add-ons:

If you’re just starting out bodyboarding, you’ll want to get a good setup especially after buying a board worth a few hundred dollars. These following items will complete your setup!

Bodyboard Bags

Bodyboard bags are a great way of protecting your board from the sun, punctures, and little critters that might want to gnaw at your new $200 board. All the bodyboard bags we sell have strong seams and a heavy duty zipper. If you live in a really hot area, we recommend buying a reflective bag to help keep your board cooler which will keep the glue from coming apart! Check out our Bodyboard Bags here.

Bodyboard Fins

Bodyboarding fins allow you to get more waves. Ever wish you were 5 feet further so you could’ve caught that perfect wave that just passed you buy? Well, with fins you’ll still have that problem, just less often! They also make it much easier to get passed the breaking waves while you’re trying to find a sweet spot to be at.

When choosing a good set of fins, treat it like buying shoes. You need make sure they’re going to fit, otherwise you’ll have a bad time. Get them too small and they will cramp the heck out of your feet, and you’ll find some chaffing and blisters on them too. If they’re too big, they’ll fall off and they’ll also cause blistering and chaffing. So choose the size of your shoe. Not hard right?

Another factor to consider is material. Some of the rubber is softer and more forgiving than others. Generally speaking, and no we’re not trying to upsell you on this, the most comfortable fins are more expensive. It doesn’t mean, go get the most expensive ones, but you will certainly not want to get the cheapest ones. And as long as you wash the salt off of them at the end of the day, they should last a life time.

Bodyboard Leash

Your bodyboard leash is important to have at all times. One reason for this is getting washed around in the waves, the other is if you find yourself in deep water and you get thrown off your board. It’s really nice to have your board there to hop onto, instead of having to tread water when a 10ft wave is about to crash on your head.

The leashes attach to either your wrist or bicep. We recommend getting a coiled leash as the coiling helps keep you from getting tangled up in your own mess. A swivel is also highly recommended as this will help to further keep the leash from creating extra coils. Check out our 

One more thing to remember when purchasing the fins, is to get fin savers. Fin savers are there to keep those fins on your feet when you get tumbled in a wave. They’re little velcro straps that will wrap around your feet to make sure you don’t unexpectedly part ways with your fins. selection of Bodyboard Leashes!