Differences in Skimboard Resin

Resin is the glue that holds the fiberglass to the board. It effects the boards durability, weight (to a small extent), and flexibility but not to as great an extent as the different types of fiberglass do. There are 3 types of resin that you need to know about.

1. Polyester

2. Vinylester

3. Epoxy


This is used as a basic resin in many boards and happens to be the stiffest and hardest resin. Zap and Victoria make many of their skimboards using polyester resin. Since it is harder the resin allows you to go faster when skimming down the beach.


This type of resin is used by Vic. It is softer than polyester and therefore more resilient to abrasions and being banged around in the ocean, your car, and garage. But because it’s softer it will cause a slight decrease in your speed.


This type of resin is used by Vic as well, and is lighter and more flexible than the other two resins. Because of this it is the most resilient to abrasions and makes your board easier to handle.