Slingshot Ammo

Get The Most Out Of Your Slingshot

Switch to a more practical, efficient and eco-friendly option compared to glass or metal ammo. Fedmax Slingshot Ammo is made out of non-toxic and biodegradable clay so they won't cause any harm even if you leave them in the yard or outside as they will finally dissolve in the water or soil.  Suitable for target shooting and hunting, they are perfectly shaped and provides an easy grip for a smooth pull back to shooting position. These slingshot balls shoot straight, hit hard and can be loaded at any slingshot. As they are medium weighted, they are perfect to for controlling small varmints and targets at close to medium ranges.

Why Buy Fedmax Slingshot Ammo?

  • Comes with a mesh bag for convenient carrying and storage
  • Won't cause any harm to environment
  • Works with all slingshots
  • Breaks easily without ricochet
  • Perfect choice for shooting around cars or building
  • Smooth shape allows for long and accurate flight


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