rooftop bag

Rooftop Bag for Camping & Road Trip Adventures

Clear up your trunk space & pack your gear for the long haul ahead with Fedmax Rooftop Bag! Designed to fit all car rooftops, it can increase your vehicle's cargo space without impending on passenger comfort, making it ideal for families on-the-go, adventure seekers or anyone who needs extra space while traveling. Bring everything you want because this bag is roomy and spacious enough to hold all of your essentials and even some of the not-so-useful stuff which everyone takes just in case. When not in use it folds to a compact size so you can store in the trunk. Crafted out of durable PVC, this cargo carrier is ready to brave all the elements.

Why Buy Fedmax Rooftop Bag?

  • Weatherproof fabric will keep your goods safe in harsh conditions
  • Lock prevents the zipper from opening and keeps your goods safe
  • One of the LARGEST bag available on the market
  • Can be used with or without racks
  • Easy to attach, remove and fold
  • The soft-sided design allows for storage of oddly shaped items


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