Icecream & Craft Sticks

Fedmax Craft Sticks are cheap, durable and have innumerable uses. Crafted from food grade and sturdy birch wood, these versatile sticks are suitable for dessert making, DIY projects, party crafts, classroom projects, building projects, rainy day projects, classroom use, camp and scout crafts and for group activities. They can also be used for stirring and mixing paint or sand. There a millions of ways to have fun with them on a rainy afternoon. Perfect for teachers, children, crafters and parents, they can make a pen stand, puppet, house, photo frame, treasure chest and toys for all ages. This sticks will introduce your kids to the 90's screen-free summer!

Why Buy Fedmax Craft Sticks?

  • Crafted from 100% birch wood
  • Jumbo sized - easy to use
  • Smooth edges allow for safe handling
  • Sturdy enough to use for building something
  • Hassle free money back guarantee



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